Endorsement Process

AFSCME conducted a thorough, inclusive and transparent endorsement process, driven by rank-and file members. It began last May when questionnaires were sent to all declared Democratic and Republican candidates and continued as we had the chance to hear from and question 19 presidential candidates at our Public Service Forum in Las Vegas. There were similar events around the Iowa and Nevada caucuses, as well as a series of membership polls, a membership survey and other outreach that allowed members to learn more about the candidates’ platforms and make their voices heard.

The candidates have engaged with us, learning about our work in public service. They embraced our values and our AFSCME agenda, and each of them had support among AFSCME members. Throughout the campaign, the priorities of AFSCME and the labor movement have been front-and-center, in a way we have not seen in national politics for years.

Citing his decades of leadership as a fighter for working people and union rights, AFSCME’s International Executive Board voted on March 23 to unanimously endorse former Vice President Joe Biden for president.